There is a lot of new releases this week for several games that we cover here on Faeit 212. Of course Wood Elves dominated the scene quite well, but we also have new releases and pre-orders for Dropzone Commander, All is Quiet on the Martian Front, and Dark Age.Check out the latest news and then head on it to check out this week's rumors.

Faeit's Tarot takes look at the news and rumors of the week, so that we can look ahead to predict what is coming in the weeks ahead. This week there was a lot to keep track of, so I have hopefully organized it in a way that will help recap and catch readers up on what was here.

New This Week
Hawk Wargames
Monorail Scenery Pack£45.00
Aegis Orbital Defence Laser Scenery Pack£45.00

Dark Age Games
CORE Recovery Unit $34.99
Dragyri Fire Caste Rath'Zhi $21.99
Dragyri Fire Brimstone (Male) $21.99
Dragyri Fire Brimstone (Female) $16.99

Architects of War
All Quiet on the Martian Front
AQMF Starter Game $100.00
 AQMF Hardcover Rulebook $40.00
AQMF Templates $20.00
AQMF Blip Markers $10.00
AQMF Dice (10) $9.00

Martian Forces
Plastic Assault Tripod Box (3) $40.00
Plastic Scout Tripod Box (3) $35.00

US Forces
Plastic Steam Tanks Box (3) $25.00

Check site for bundled deals

Games Workshop
Warhammer: Wood Elves (Limited Edition)$90
The Wardancer Troupe $62
Durthu/Treeman/Treeman Ancient $61
Warhammer: Wood Elves (Interactive iBooks Edition) $49.99
Warhammer: Wood Elves (English) $49.50
Archaon: Everchosen (Hardback) $30
Araloth $22
Shadowdancer $15
Warhammer Battle Magic: Wood Elves $7.50
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Treeman (Interactive iBooks Edition) $3.99

Forgeworld Pre-Orders
Mechanicum Krios Battle Tank £68.00
Tech-Thralls with Mitra-Locks £25.00
Contemptor Chainfist £8.50

Wood Elves
Wood Elves are up for pre-order, and with it a new armybook for release next weekend. With that we have had a few rules and ideas on what is going to be in that new book, most of which is from the White Dwarf that was just released this weekend.
via a reader here on Faeit 212
Don't have the wd with me but I got to look through it.
Wood elf swords look to have fight in extra ranks and armour piercing now (the hero has one but the name is just asari sword)
The wood elves have both high and dark magic. Didn't catch reference to athel Loren lore but it might be in there.
Forest spirits looks to be 6++ and immune to psych
Mention of 13 spirits included on treeman kit, makes both regular durthu and ancient (which has a staff). Durthu is lvl 1 beast, has lement of despair 2d6 str 2 kb. 
Army Wide Rules
via Ángel Larraz Rada on his blog (translated) wide rules:Always strikes first, hatred beastmen, forest strider, no penalty to move and shoot with bows, and all bows both magical and normal re roll 1 to hit and add +1 strength at half range.All elven wizards have +1 to cast lore of athel lorenWardancers and waywatchers are unchanged bar waywatcher at half eange are both s4 and have killingblowWarhawks have the old hit and run rule.Eternal guard are unchanged bare the weapons. The searath is a spear that gives +1 strengthMantle of the asrai gives a 6 plus ward and mantle of kurunos gives a 6 plus armour save.Wild riders gain frenzyForest spirit rule gives units immune to psycology and a 6 plus ward save
via Commissar Ginn on Warseer
Just got my White Dwarf.Definitiy Stags next to the glade riders...the green ones. I fact both are green?
The Shadow Dancer states it's Re-released, makes me think the rest of the dancers will be as well. I suppose they could combo off the eternal guard, (hope they dot all have Hamfists if that's the case)
The treemen look great as well, fluff for Durthu seems cool. The sword is more of a fight fire with fire story. So mad he asked for a sword from the elves to kick more ass.
- the paint jobs look better with book in hand. There's a lot of cor back lighting to the pictures which doesn't help some of the technicolor dreamcoat going on. Over all I DIG!
Cover of the limited edition appears to be the twins! I'm excited, possibly a rerelease of the sisters but you never know, may be a resculpt.
PG 13 of the WD shows book pics of he character...all the same minus a new one holding 2 axes. Looks good.
Fluff incorporates new stuff about protect the wild roots, the old connections between Forrest's of the old world once damaged by dwarves, and more recently gnawed at by Skaven...
Overall good WD, for WE fans ofcourse. I wouldn't be surprised if we got more than what people are saying, Something more along the lines of what the DE got.

7th Edition 
7th edition is rumored to come out in June, and with if that is indeed the case, we are in the last breaths of 6th edition right now. Of course a lot of the rumors say that this will be an edition with smaller changes, but of course that is still to be seen. We had this set of rumors to start off the week, and even though I have no idea about the source, a lot of this we have seen before, with the exception of the psychic phase. Still, a healthy amount of salt is required.

via a must remain anonymous source
-7th edition will come in June-New fortification rules and Lords of War will both be in the new rulebook as standard, there are some changes from what we have now.-There will be a new phase added  to the game, a psychic phase.

New Mini Game Coming
We dont really know much on this yet, but its most likely a side game much like what we saw with dueling Imperial Knights. There is a lot of hope that something bigger is coming gamewise for this. Here is what we know.

via Mistwarden on Faeit 212
I had a flick of the new WD today and in the back it said for next week a new mini game, I don't have pictures to prove this as I don't buy WD which have lots of fantasy as there no use for me.
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