In this week's White Dwarf there is an article on abhumans that once again mentions some of the odd races that like poke their heads up now and then. Beastmen and Squats were both mentioned, with Beastmen even being listed as part of the Militarum. Very interesting.

I have not yet read the article, but its of definite interest to the lore of the Imperium. I dont see Beastmen or Squats coming time soon, but GW is not shying away from using them in their articles or books.

Here is a link to see the article, or at least the part we are talking about.

via a Reader on Faeit 212
This weeks white dwarf to accompany the bullgryn preorder has a page about abhumans. Mentioned are Ogryns, Ratlings, Beastmen, and Squats! I know they were mentioned in main sixth edition rule book, but this white dwarf article is different in that it talks about the Tyranids almost wiping out the Squats. It also mentions Beastmen being in the Militarum, which was not how most people interpreted the main rule book blurb about them.
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