Tonight we have a quick look at what is being shared with us on the new rules for the Wood Elves. Of course these are from an early peak at this weekend's White Dwarf.

Please remember that these should be considered to be rumors, as we dont have the White Dwarf in hand.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
Don't have the wd with me but I got to look through it.
Wood elf swords look to have fight in extra ranks and armour piercing now (the hero has one but the name is just asari sword)
The wood elves have both high and dark magic. Didn't catch reference to athel Loren lore but it might be in there. 
Forest spirits looks to be 6++ and immune to psych 
Mention of 13 spirits included on treeman kit, makes both regular durthu and ancient (which has a staff). Durthu is lvl 1 beast, has lement of despair 2d6 str 2 kb. 
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