There is a lot coming out now about the new Wood Elves, so I have condensed a bunch of the information here into one post this morning to make it all easier to find. Of course we are still digging and waiting for more, but this is a good start for us.

This morning we have images that have leaked, and are posed over on the Bols Lounge, Dakka, and other locations.

Please take all of this as rumors until we have the White Dwarf in hand and can see exactly what the releases are.

The Pics of Wood Elves
Here is where the images come from

Release List
While this list looks good there are definitely a new shadowdancer in White Dwarf pics that are not yet shown on this release. I have not seen a full release list yet, and am hoping that we get more information on it today.

via Wolfen on his site (translated)
*  Warhammer - Wood Elves : Army Book full color, hardcover, with background and rules distributed throughout its 92 pages, appears in Castilian and cost 39 euros .
*  Battle Magic - Elves : Pack in Castilian with 16 magic cards, its cost is 6 euros .
*  Araloth the Sorcerer : New Characters in plastic, is the wizard that includes his falcon. Be sold in blister by  17'50 euros .
* Ancient Treeman : Reissue Old Man Tree, is a triple box, where we can mount three plastic figures a Tree Running Man, a Man ​​Elder Tree or himself Durthu a new character Treeman Ancient. The price of the box is 50 euros .

Army Wide Rules
via Ángel Larraz Rada on his blog (translated)
Army wide rules:
Always strikes first, hatred beastmen, forest strider, no penalty to move and shoot with bows, and all bows both magical and normal re roll 1 to hit and add +1 strength at half range.
All elven wizards have +1 to cast lore of athel loren
Wardancers and waywatchers are unchanged bar waywatcher at half eange are both s4 and have killingblow
Warhawks have the old hit and run rule.
Eternal guard are unchanged bare the weapons. The searath is a spear that gives +1 strength
Mantle of the asrai gives a 6 plus ward and mantle of kurunos gives a 6 plus armour save.
Wild riders gain frenzy
Forest spirit rule gives units immune to psycology and a 6 plus ward save
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