Yesterday was a plethora of new information and rumors regarding 7th edition. To top all of it off, we are looking at what might be a new starter set of some sort. There was some communication gaps, as the sources first language is not English, but it looks like a black box listing or product has shown up with Astra Militarum vs Eldar.

Of course the details are still a little vague, but perhaps this is a new starter set? That would make the Blood Angels vs Orks starter look less likely even though that was from a decent source. Its very hard to tell right now with all of this information coming through many different channels on what is going on.

It does however, seem like 7th edition is definitely here, and while things seemed to slow down a little, they are about to pick up again.

Please remember that this is a rumor, and salt is always required.

via an anonymous source
(sorry if it's a little rough, as this was translated from Italian by the source)
New item has come up in inventory, in a black box: imperial guard vs eldar. Not all stores got it, but it is there. Systems were updated last year on inventory, so this is new. I would say no to blood angels and orks with this later in the year.

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