There has been a lot of talk about FAQ's in emails, and other correspondence here at Faeit 212. With the recent new GW webstore launch,  the FAQ's have been moved over the Black Library site. So what is going on with the FAQ's?

Forgeworld is doing a series of updates right now with the Crimson Slaughter and Astra Militarum releases. There is quite a bit being done, and no timetable yet for these to be updated. The only word we are getting from Forgeworld is that this is being worked on.

Games Workshop/ Black Library
The recent FAQ's put up on the site are old. There just isn't that much to them, and of course nothing really new. It seems like there is a void or gap that we are in right now and have been for some time.

I think the primary reason for this lag we are feeling right now, is that 7th edition is coming in June. Now this is just my opinion, but why update the FAQ's when the manpower is being used for the new edition. Curiously enough I had this in my email on Friday from a reader on this site.

Had an update from Black library which suggests it could be up to 4 months until we see the updated FAQ!! See quote below regarding updated FAQs :
Thank you for your reply. I am unable to give a definite date but they will be released within the next 4 months.
Many thanks,Black Library Customer Services

This would tend to make sense if a new edition was coming. New FAQs would be here before the summer (winter for southern hemisphere) ends.

Personally I think FAQ's should be much faster and kept up to date (once again speaking of how 40k seems clunky and outdated at times).

It appears according to rumors that soon our talk will move from Wood Elves and the Astra Militarum, to a new edition. What lies between there and now, the rumors are extremely quiet......... just as you would expect before a new edition launch.
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