A reader sent in some pictures of his limited edition Space Marine Captain. Not sure if he is ordering the second one, but there you are. Of course if I am going to do this, I had best get an order in soon, before they run out.

via a reader on Faeit 212
I just got my order from GW, which included the limited edition Space Marine Captain (1 of 2) for making a purchase over $100.

I can confirm that the other limited edition Space Marine Captain (2 of 2) is available via a special coupon that they included in my shipment (see pictures attached).  On the front of the card is the picture of the 2nd Captain, and on the back a brief blurb in several languages, with a white box at the bottom with a special code.  You enter this code at the GW webstore and pay $30.00 to get the 2nd limited edition Captain.

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