Last year I think I was much better prepared for Valhalla, and now with 7 days and a few hours til I board head to the airport panic is setting in. As Valhalla is a 6 day event, I tend to take a lot of models with me so that I can vary my lists up. Last year I had a great time with Dark Eldar, this year my Astra Militarum should be fun to explore.

So this morning I wrapped up basing Tech Priests and Servitors and the only real project I have left before me is to magnetize my Chimeras with Stubbers. Yea, its a load out I am working on with Tech Priests and Chimeras. The idea is simply a tremendous amount of transports with a lot of anti-infantry. Moving Chimeras 12" with Awaken Machine just sounds like a lot of fun. Cheap fast moving heavy flamers with a lot of extra shots coming along with it.

Unfortunately magnetizing means tearing open the turrets to glue in magnets. Its working, just time consuming. After that, its packing, and making sure what I can and cannot fit in my luggage for the trip. Its going to be a busy week, not to mention I have a feeling this will be a busy week here on Faeit 212.

During Valhalla this year, you can expect that I will be doing daily updates on the activities and events that are going on. I am taking my Astra Militarum, along with Inquisition, and a small group of Grey Knights.

Of course its going to all depend on what I can fit into my case, as its important to bring my Dropzone Commander as well. I have one game reserved already with Shawn for some Dropzone Commander. I imagine he will be fielding his UCM, which leaves me to field my Scourge. No problem with that. You can expect some friendly competition going on in Dropzone this year.

Also I am picking up my UCM while I am there that Blue Table Painting is wrapping up for me. I have yet to see them, so it will be exciting to get them and put them on the tabletop. Very much looking forward to playing them again fully painted.
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