There is a 2 day Master Class Painting event going on here in Portland Oregon. This sounds fantastic, and something that is well worth the cost. I know some real professional instruction is hard to get, and this is something that anyone could learn from. Its very rare that we get a class like this in the Portland area.

The class is being put on by Meg Maples, former Privateer Press studio painter and owner of Arcane Paintworks. She is teaching her 2 day Master Painting Class at Guardian Games on 5/17 and 5/18. Here is the Facebook page for the event.

via Meg Maples of Arcane Paintworks
This is my 2 Day Master Class that I have taught all over the world. In this class I provide one model to each student and provide demonstrations, discussion and one on one assistance to all students in the class. The topics covered in this class start with the basics and a lot of technique work. 

This is a class I recommend to everyone regardless of painting level and knowledge. I've had people in this class who've never painted a mini before and people who've won Golden Demon's. Everyone learns something new! 

Topics include (but are not limited to):

Model cleaning, assembly and preparation.
Priming including when to use white primer, grey primer, black primer and Zenithal Priming. 
2 Brush Blending
Glazing and Layering 
Painting eyes, faces and hair
Painting skin tones and how to devise skintone recipes
Color theory discussion occurs throughout the class at a superficial level to explain why I am choosing to mix certain colors together. 
Glow effects using both day glow pigments as well as brightly colored paints.
Painting Gems
Beginner level freehand discussion
True Metallic Metals
Sheer Fabric
This is a casual format to the class open for a lot of discussion and repeated demos. Once I've demoed a technique for the entire class then I walk around the room and provide one on one assistance to everyone to make sure they understand the theory and execution of the techniques. The main focus of this class is learning 2 Brush Blending because it's the technique I use for painting 95% of my models. 

If interested please contact me and send $205 to through Paypal.

Here is an poster for the Vancouver B.C. Event.

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