Beachhead Stygia, is the latest in titles for Starter Sets, and includes Orks vs Blood Angels. This one will have some terrain in it, but will be lighter on models than Dark Vengeance was for 6th edition. In addition to the starter set, there will be a starter painting kit with a squad of snapfit marines and boyz.

Getting some terrain for the tabletop is always good in my mind, and I am not so sure that this includes a mini rulebook, unless of course the 96 page book is it.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
40k 7th edition and the new starter kit Beachhead Stygia. It is small kit, with only five scouts, five blood angels, a commander with jump pack, five meganobs, 10 armoured ork shootas including a nob with two-handed axe and 10 gretchins. There are some destroyed columns, destroyed gothic stone walls and a three-piece stone bridge carried by gargoyles. It has a 96 page book, but only about the half is used for rules including three scenarios. Expert rules like all vehicle-related stuff are omitted completely. There are a handful of dice, a ruler, but no blast markers.

At the same time, there will be a new starter painting kit with 10 snapfit miniatures that will bring the tactical marines from the starter box to a full squad size and gives the ork player 5 additional boyz. It has a 48 page booklet with additional scenarios and hobby guides, brushes, basing sand and glue.
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