There are a lot of rules now making it out for the upcoming Astra Militarum codex. At first look at these rules bits, it appears that the we can get divination powers in many different locations. This will be interesting to see how it plays out once we get a personal look at the codex.

Please remember that these are rumors, as the codex has not been released, and we are only a couple days out now.

Also please note that I have removed the point costs listed and trimmed down information that repeats or is already well known. I have left a link for those that are interested in tracking those down.

There also seems to be some contention on whether or not Veterans can take three special weapons or two because of the way its worded.

via Inquisitor Jex on Dakka
Hydra got 2 twin-linked Hydra autocannon, (Heavy 2 skyfire), open-topped.

Creed can issue 3 orders/turn, failed orders MUST be re-rolled; he also go 2 hot-shot laspistol, no word on being twin-linked, so gunsligner.base for him; Kell makes a unit take the order's Ld test on his Leadership (which is 8) ONLY when he's with Creed. Kell also got the bodyguard rule (Look out -arghh!) and Sworn protector (got to do a glorious intervention when he can and auto passes the test)

Arty is only the Wyvern and the Earthshaker/Mandicore (+10 pts) and Deathstrike (no change)

Vet Sgts, can't issue orders.

Sgts can't take lasGUNS; only bolt pistol/gun and plasma pistols.

The old Grav chute insertion; it now happens when the Val/Ven moves MORE THAN 6 inches instead of flat out...

TPs, 0-3 (like priests and Primaris, commissars are 1 per CCS or PCS) They can give Power of the Machine Spirit for a turn to a vehicle at 12 inch (instead of shooting). Servitors, , plasma cannon, one unti of servitor per TP, starts with 1, up to 5 max.

Grenadiers: gains carapace,
forward sentries: snare mines+camo gear
Demolitions: melta bomb+1 demo charge

StormEagle rockets are the same as before.12-120 range

Astropath got Telepathy, Primaris got Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy Telekinesis (+25 pts for Mastery rank 2)

Heavy weapons now have a flat price, for HWT to IS to Vets to PCS and CCS. All from the same list.

my bad about forgetting the PBS (never was one to use it)
It's now called a Wyrdvane Psykers (not even got an image!)
Act as a Brotherhood of Psykers (Mastery Lvl 1)
Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy Telekinesis
That's it. No overseer, no grenade, only laspistol and flak.
They can take a Chimera or Taurox.

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