The new Wood Elf armybook is up for pre-orders and with it, some samples images on the itunes release page. Of course you can also download a sample of the book, and this gives you additional peaks into the new book.

Shown in the downloaded sample are Glade Riders, Warhawk Riders, Highborn of Athel Loren, and Wardancers. You can check out the previews here by following this link.

I spent some time reading through the backstory in the sample download for my ipad, and really like the backstory of the the Wood Elves, as they are masters of both the Dark and Light, and consider themselves the only true elves left in the world.

Dont forget to download the sample if you are trying to get a good look at the Wood Elves. Here is another sample image that was released on Treekin.

Already we can tell here that treekin have gotten cheaper, and instead of being S5 like previously, they are now S4. Of course this is the only screenshot GW has released of the actual units that I have seen in the previews, but we are now less than a week away from the release.
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