While I plan on picking up some of the new Scions next month for a Tempestus list, for now I am working on converting my old metal Kasrkin models to adjust to the new Astra Militarum codex. This means I was searching for an easy way to convert some guns, since it would be ridiculously expensive to buy boxes just for these guns. Here is what I did....

Hot Shot Volley Guns are just cool, and of course I want my Kasrkins Command Squads to have 4 of them. This means it was time to create some guns.

Now I have Grey Knights and have been using the bits off of those sprues for so many different projects. Its just one of those amazing sprues with bits for everything. In this case, I am was looking at the image and trying to find a pain free quick conversion.

The Grey Knight box, it came with a lot of different weapon load outs. The one I was interested in, is one that most Grey Knight players never used, the barrels for the psilencer. This would give me two barrels coming out of my trimmed hot shot lasgun, and was really simple to do. Because the barrels are plastic, I trim one barrel off the sprue, and simply attach them to the cut lasgun.

If you are going this route any Grey Knight player should have some of these laying around. You can see the bit on the sprue, and the trimmed off piece off the side ready to be glued onto the end of the hot shot lasgun.

Simple and cost effectve.

Here are what some of them look like. (I still have some trimming to do).

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