Some pics have been put up on ebay of the codex and generated some pictures that every one this morning is looking. A lot of people are also getting their hands on the White Dwarf this week, and I am hoping some of the readers here as well. Here is the latest.

Please take a lot of what is said below as rumor, as it cannot be verified until we have an official release.

Wood Elf Information from the White Dwarf
via Commissar Ginn on Warseer
Just got my White Dwarf.
Definitiy Stags next to the glade riders...the green ones. I fact both are green?

The Shadow Dancer states it's Re-released, makes me think the rest of the dancers will be as well. I suppose they could combo off the eternal guard, (hope they dot all have Hamfists if that's the case)

The treemen look great as well, fluff for Durthu seems cool. The sword is more of a fight fire with fire story. So mad he asked for a sword from the elves to kick more ass.

- the paint jobs look better with book in hand. There's a lot of cor back lighting to the pictures which doesn't help some of the technicolor dreamcoat going on. Over all I DIG!

Cover of the limited edition appears to be the twins! I'm excited, possibly a rerelease of the sisters but you never know, may be a resculpt.

PG 13 of the WD shows book pics of he character...all the same minus a new one holding 2 axes. Looks good.

Fluff incorporates new stuff about protect the wild roots, the old connections between Forrest's of the old world once damaged by dwarves, and more recently gnawed at by Skaven...

Overall good WD, for WE fans ofcourse. I wouldn't be surprised if we got more than what people are saying, Something more along the lines of what the DE got.

Wood Elf Release
Releases of first week:
Wood Elf armybook 39€
Treeman/Ancient Treeman / Durthu kit 50€
Araloth Hero (Plastic blister) 17.50€
Magic cards 6€

via Larry Vela on Bols
Initial word for week 2 was:
-Giant hawk based triple unit-combo kit
-Mounted unit (stags)
Todays batch of gamer magnifying glass examination reveals:
The various pictures going around have shown what appears to be 2 distinct types of mounted deer/stags of some type, so it seems a safe bet we can pencil those in (almost certainly a combo-kit).
A new character with two axes
The Eternal Guard box looks to be are a dual-kit with Waywatchers.

Some Pics
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