Yesterday we had a listing of rules changes for the upcoming 40k 7th edition in June. Here is the second part of that, the changes we will be seeing for Warhammer 9th edition. The biggest of course is the change over to following a variant rules set from 40k. Allies, Flyers, Warlord tables, and even Warmachines. You can even buy terrain.

Please remember that these are rumors, and that there were some translation issues. These are roughly translated so they may sound a little odd in some places.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
- the next fantasy edition is no continuation of the 8th edition. It uses a 
variant ruleset of 40k now
- Fantasy has no movement value anymore, but a armour saving profile
- there are still armour savings modifiers
- all special rules use the 40k rules
- units move like 40k units, but can assume one of three formations, block, 
tortuga and arrow
- fantasy flyers can only be hit with minus three to the ballistic talent 
and can hit models under their flight path
- there are allies in fantasy
- war machines are their own category like special and core now, 25% of 
points can spent on war machines
- there is a system to buy terrain
- warlord tables, but can choose which trait to get
- weapons have a profile like 40k but no armour ignore column
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