Its not often I check in on my modelling projects, but my table has been bustling hard core ever since the Astra Militarum codex hit. I have a lot, and there is and has always been this tremendous number of models not yet done. It was time to put that to an end.

So in the last couple days, sleep deprived (can only work on models late nights and early mornings), I have wrapped up 70 models. Another 20 will be done before and wrapped up before the sun comes up, as I am working towards my Kasrkins and Ratlings. Unfortunately I do this every once in awhile and burn myself out for a couple months.

Here is What is on the Table. Italicized models are have been completed. After this list, I have some vehicles to wrap up, including my Armoured Sentinels. Then it may be time to order some new models.
4 Grenade Launchers
4 Flamers
3 Melta guns
7 Heavy Weapon Teams
40 Conscripts

10 Ratlings
3 Ministorum Priests
Coteaz (been needing to paint this for a long time)
18 Inquisitorial Henchmen -Plasma Guns
12 Additional Inquisitorial Henchmen
1 Officer of the Fleet

10 Kasrkins

Of course I will get some pics up once I complete this stretch next week, but since I have about 8k in Astra Militarum models, its time to pick up the stragglers and get them painted.

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