Games Workshop has said that the current lack of FAQs on the new site are due to GW fully updating all the FAQ and Errata articles. There are just a lot of areas that need to be addressed, however I think its reasonable to keep the expectations light, and see where the chips will fall. Especially with the rumors of a new edition looming over us.

What can we expect?
I do expect to see Chimeras updated throughout the codices that have access to them. After all it would be wise to keep the rules similar throughout. This means little for most armies, but for me, who plays Grey Knights, the Inquisition, Astra Militarum, and now the Militarum Tempestus, it effects a lot of my armies how the chimera is handled.

I really expect only minor updates to each to each armies FAQ's if a new edition is around the corner. What they do update though, may indeed give us some insight to any rules changes coming in 7th edition, and this is what I will be looking for.

I cant see these FAQ's not getting released in the next few days, or at the latest sometime next week.

via Games Workshop Customer Service.
Currently the FAQ's are not available on the website, as the design team are taking this opportunity to fully update all the FAQ and Errata articles. This is only temporary and these FAQ's will be made available again in the very near future.

So lets here it, what is on your priority list for an updated FAQ?

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