This week feels like a lull in the releases that we have been seeing now for the last few months. That doesnt mean that there is nothing going on. Bullgryn/Ogryns get released this weekend, alongside White Dwarf #12. In it we have some information regarding the Hobby Kit.

Here is a link to a leaked picture of the cover of White Dwarf on Descanso del Escriba

via Descanso del Escriba (translated by google)

-Pincer modeling Citadel: New pincers made ​​of aluminum and steel sheet. Citaldel-blade modeling. retractable knife comes with 5 parts modeling. sculpting Citadel
-Set: Set of 3 sculpting tools, one with a special head for applying textured paints and brushes not mess our . 
-Drill.: Citadel Drill Manual 3 bits of different thicknesses 
-Set.: lime Citadel Set of 2 limes to round the edges of thumbnails -Clean burrs Citadel: Made of steel, perfect for cleaning lines mold. 
- Citadel Tool Set. aforementioned All tools in a handy carrying case to keep them "
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