Information is coming out of this coming weekend's White Dwarf that clearly shows us what this week's releases are, and a huge teaser for a certain date we are talking about now....... May 24th for 7th Edition.

the image above is from the previews on itunes.

Lets take a look at what is being said. Wolfen was nice enough to post up in the comment section on this site next week's releases, and translate them for us. Very cool, and thanks Wolfen.

Please remember that these are rumors, as no official information has been seen yet.

via Wolfen from La Taberna de Laurana
Confirmations on 2nd Wood Elves Week!
* Sisters of the Thorn / Wild Riders: Plastic Box, dual kit, 5 miniatures. 29 euro. The Sisters are the Stag Riders, and the Wild Riders are Orion´s personal Guard, with long spears.
* Eternal Guard / Wildwood Rangers: Plastic box, dual infantry kit, 10 miniatures. 31 Euro. Has a Command Set: Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer
* Guardians of The Deepwood: Army Box, 3 Treemen and 36 Dryads. 190 euro. Treemen can be armed as Ancient and even one Durthu. Only until stocks last.

Here is more information from another source that clearly has the date May 24th listed for what looks like a 7th edition launch. All of this from an early look at the next White Dwarf.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 
from the next White DwarfWood Elves Eternal Guard/Wildwood Rangers $39
Wood Elves Sisters of the Thorn / Wild Riders: $44
Wood Elves Guardians of the Deepwood $230 
The Sisters of the thorn come with a Blackbriar Javelin that is armour piercing with poisoned attacks with a range of 12". The unit also is considered to be a level 2 wizard with shield of thorns and curse of anraheir. With a 4+ ward save and always strikes first, these units are looking tough.
Wildwood Rangers also get always strikes first and immune to psychology, and come with a Great Weapon and light armour. Also a Guardians of Wildwood special rule for +1 attack.
There is a "No Time for Peace" poster that has a Commissar on it with the date 24 May 2014
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