These Ork rumors came a couple days ago, but I wanted to be sure that they were seen. In this bit, there are 5 new kits coming out, with a new Mega Armor unit, new Warboss and more.

Please take these as rumors, and with a little extra salt.

via Larry Vela on Bols
Orks - 5 Kits
1) Plastic Warboss: Multi-part plastic kit which make a warboss in mega armor with new weapon options.

2) Deffkoptas: Plastic box. Dual build kit with a new Grot skimmer.

3) Tankbustas/Flashgitz/Ardboys: Multi-part plastic kit which makes any of the three units.

4) Buggy/Halftrakk Plastic kit with a new Supa-rokkit Launcha option.

5) Mek/Mad-doc/Mega-armor unit (NEW): Plastic dual unit kit - First unit is similar to oversized Cyb-orks. Shoots new saw-cannon. Second unit option makes mega armor Orks
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