I really feel this one is slipping under the radar by the community at large, as there are changes coming to the Forgeworld/ Games Workshop relationship coming. Much like what we have seen lately between the Black Library and Games Workshop, Forgeworld is being much more integrated into the line up.

Please remember that these are rumors. These again are from a completely different source, and once again bringing to light some of the changes.

via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212
1) Forge World/Games Workshop Ltd is in Texas looking for a distribution warehouse.  There was talk about limited production capacity as well.
2) Forge World/Black Library/Games Workshop merger is still "in the works" as you have mentioned or been kept up on.
3) Look for some plastic kits being pulled from shelves in GW retail stores starting February.  I dont think any are scheduled for discontinue, they are just being moved to direct sales only.  Likely starting with Tyranids, as February they go into the shelf proper from New Release section.  Looks like the various 'gaunts boxes will be first to be pulled.

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