I have been talking about this game since I was introduced to it. The game itself is written and designed by David Lewis. He also has sculpted all the models as well, and in my last conversation with Hawk Wargames, Dave is locked away right now working on new models for the game.

I truely believe that Dropzone Commander is the game that all other tabletop games should be measured up against. Warhammer 40k and Fantasy are well, Warhammer. They will lead this industry for years to come, as they have in the past. However, when it comes to looking outside that box, Dropzone Commander is where should be the base. The game is just that good.

So lets take a look at a couple of videos I have done here, as well as what Hawk Wargames has done to help players not only play the game, but paint their models.

First off in 2014 you can expect this for Dropzone Commander
1. All the new previews will be released in the next few months. Thats 12 new models, 3 for each faction
2. New Book Release. I talked to dave about this earlier in the year, and along with a new faction we should see all the new models in it as well.
3. The Monorail. Cant wait for this, with new missions and new ways to play the game. I have seen this release in person, and its cool.

Game Overview with its Creator

Dropzone Commander, How its Done

Dropzone Commander Model Durability Test

Hawk Wargames Youtube Videos
Hawk Wargames also does some amazing video tutorials on how to play their game and even paint their models. If you have not checked out the Hawk Wargames youtube page for tutorials for every part of the game, then you are missing out. Here are a couple of them, but go and check them out.

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