I was once told that if any given year you did not laugh and cry during the year, it was a wasted year. What was meant, is that there are ups and downs. For a year a to really memorable in your life, to really remember it when you have 30-50 years behind you, you need these events in your life. All others will eventually fade from memory.

2013 was one of those years for our hobby. With the acceptance of a full on hard hitting release schedule of more codex releases than ever before, to the divisiveness of escalation and stronghold assault. 2013 will be one that we will remember for years, and because of that, 2013 was one that I enjoyed tremendously.

Even here on this site, there were ups and downs, from being taken down to a new layout and wonderful first hand experiences with great information and rumors.

2013 will be one that will live on in memory here on Faeit 212 as one of growth and learning. With all the ups and downs, I am the most happy about one thing. We were able to carry on as a community, and you were here with us.

So from Natfka to the community, readers here on the site, and to sources that help us stay informed,

Have a Happy New Year, 2014 is going to spectacular.
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