There is a new possible leak, which is showing what is probably plastic Steel Legions on a new box. This is rather exciting as plastic Steel Legions means more and more of us are going to be digging into this cool gas mask and trench coat guardsmen.

Now the poses are very close to what we had in metal, but it does look like there are some differences. We had talked plastic Steel legions here a couple months back in August via Tim and other anonymous sources.

Now what is big here, is that other things were also seen, several Steel Legion kits, including 2 tanks a flyer that the guy thought were new. Also a bigger Sentinel. some interesting things right around the corner.

Please remember that these are still rumors, as it they can always be faked and not real, or the source could be wrong on what he is seeing. In fact the more I look at these, they look like like they might not be real.

via STEEL LEGION 0212 on 4chan
Sorry, but it was very dark in the Warehouse. And my phone is not that great for pictures anyways.

I saw several of these Steel Legion kits. A few big ones too, 2x Tanks and a Flyer, I think they are new.. Not a big IG fan so no idea if new or repack. There was also a bigger Sentinel. (super big size box) I guess that’s a new unit. 
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