The Eldar Revenant Titan is nigh unbeatable. It cannot be destroyed and kills all that face it, single handedly wiping any army it faces on the field. Or does it?

We bring only death, and leave only carrion. It is a message even a Human can understand.

Its time to find out. This coming Saturday I am going to face one down, and I want to know what you think will work facing this. That's right, I am sending out a call that the Eldar Titan approaches, and want you to help me face it down. Lets find out together on the table if this thing can be beaten.

Here are some of the details. I do not know exactly what my opponent will be bringing. He has been playing Taudar, so his options are among the strongest right now, and Tau allies paired up with Eldar and a Revenant are just about the deadliest thing you can field on the tabletop. Yes, he has riptides, Wraithknights, and anything else Taudar at his disposal. He also has a good selection of Dark Eldar at his disposal.

I called him up a few days back, and said, "come beat me with a Revenant". Of course he accepted.

Now what options and tactics should we look at. I am limited by my own armies, which includes a ton of Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, and Eldar, notice only one of which is a 6th edition army. (about 7-9kpts in each army). I can also field some Misc as well, including a good selection of Inquisition, some Dark Angels, and if need be, some White Scars I am working on. Most of my armies though lie in those big 4.

My goal right now is to come up with some generic ideas on how to face Revenant Taudar. Then we can get into specifics on a couple lists versions. After all, my opponent is lurking.

Things I can field. This will be a 2500pt game. I do not want to field any D-Weapons, or superheavies. The goal here is to go up against the death machine, to see how and if we can beat it down. I have been told specifically that it cannot be beaten even by tailored lists. Is it true?

This is what I have.

Imperial Guard
Tons of guardsmen and chimeras, Hydras, artillery, a couple of leman russ's and some misc. Two vendettas

Grey Knights
Loads of purifiers, Razorbacks, Inquisition plasma gunners, dreadnoughts, and a storm raven. there are also some misc.

Dark Eldar
Loads of them, anything but witches, which I only have a few squads of. Couple Venoms, lots of raiders and ravagers.

Tons of infantry, aspect warriors, 4 serpents, 2 prism cannons and a couple falcons. I also have like 3 units of wraithguard and 5 wraith lords. Also lots of bikes.

I also have available 2 bastions, 3 aegis defense lines, an Aquila strongpoint, two defense emplacements, and couple void shields generators, and 2 firestorm redoubts.

I of course will do a detailed battle report on this, so help me out, and join in on the fun. Lets see if this community can beat the Revenant Taudar.

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