Hawk Wargames has wrapped up its December Advent Calendar with a large number of releases for all the current factions for Dropzone Commander. It was quite the ride with a lot of excellent previews of models that are coming over the next few months. Today we have the release schedule and more details on the new releases.

Hawk Wargames

The following news comes via Hawk Wargames and their latest newsletter.

Release Schedule
New Release Roadmap for Q1, 2014
Here is a general summary for the expected release dates for all these new and exciting releases (precise dates to follow in the new year):

As usual, shots of the real miniatures, along with full background, information and rules will be available to download as the models become available to pre-order.

1) UCM Katana Light Tank
2) Shaltari Tarantula Battle Strider
3) PHR Angelos Jetskimmer

1) UCM Eagle Heavy Gunship
2) Shaltari Caiman Heavy Grav-Tank
3) Scourge Stalker
4) Scourge Harbinger Assault Dropship
5) PHR Mercury Scout Drone
6) Monorail Scenario Pack

1) UCM Fireblade Light Tank
2) Shaltari Birdeater Battle Strider
3) Scourge Ravager
4) PHR Helios Jetskimmer
5) Orbital Defence Laser Scenario Pack

United Colonies of Mankind

1) UCM Katana Light Tank
The Katana is built upon a lighter, nimbler version of the more common Sabre-type chassis. In a further effort to save weight, UCM military engineers have also adopted a less power-hungry weapon system; a twin high-velocity cannon. This armament has a superior rate of fire to the more common railgun, although it does not have quite the same punch or range.

2) UCM Fireblade Light Tank
The Fireblade is based on the same chassis as the Katana and features the same increased speed as its sister. Unlike the Katata, the Fireblade has a very specific battlefield role; to expunge enemy infantry from structures with its formidable flamethrower!

3) UCM Eagle Heavy Gunship
The Eagle is essentially a weaponised variant of the condor which sacrifices its transport capacity in favour of devastating firepower. The Eagle packs a pair of heavy railguns as well as two independently targeting multi-rocket pods. This allows the Eagle to lay waste to virtually anything on the ground!

Shaltari Tribes

4) Shaltari Tarantula Battle Strider
The Tarantula is a smaller, more agile version of the towering Warstriders. Battle Striders feature anti-grav assistors and clamps on their legs and feet, allowing them to climb sheer surfaces to attack from above!

The Tarantula's primary armament is the highly advanced Gravatic Magnifier, a weapon which delivers crushing fore to anything with mass. The larger and heavier the target, the more devastating this weapon becomes! By its very nature, it is also effective against skimmers.

It is also armed with a nose mounted micro-laser, a small but deadly accurate weapon well suited to destroying lightly armoured targets from great distances.

5) Shaltari Birdeater Battle Strider
The Birdeater is an anti-air variant of the Tarantula, armed with the familiar and lethal twin ion-cannon. It often employs its climbing abilities to gain a commanding view of the battlefield - a highly useful ability for an anti-air unit! Since it is less agile than the Kukri, it is better suited to more static defensive roles, where its superior survivability makes it a favourite of the Shaltari Warchiefs who favour heavier units.

6) Shaltari Caiman Heavy Grav-Tank
The Caiman is truly formidable battlefield predator whose agility belies its massive size. Its primary armament is the Gauss Triad, a weapon designed to reliably cut through heavy armour at long range. It is also armed with a pair of micro-lasers on traversable turrets. Although less well armoured than Warstriders of equivalent size, the Caiman's agility can be used to deadly effect by the more subtle of Shaltari Warchiefs.

The Scourge

7) Scourge Stalker
The Stalker is a highly aggressive frontline tank hunter unit, designed to deliver crippling damage to the heaviest armoured units at close range using its frighteningly powerful eletro-web caster. It fulfils a role similar to the smaller Prowler, although the Stalker is more suited to direct, frontline assaults where its much heavier armour lends it greater survivability.

8) Scourge Ravager
The Ravager is a flexible anti-air unit, usually employed by the Scourge when long term air defence is needed. As a walker, it has much lower power consumption than the more aggressive Reaper skimmer and is often employed by Scourge occupation garrisons on conquered worlds. Coupled with greater survivability and independently targeting weapons, this makes the Ravager an excellent choice for vanguard defence.

9) Scourge Harbinger Assault Dropship
The Harbinger is a large dropship which features heavier armour than the more common Marauder type and is designed primarily for frontal assaults. The Harbinger is often equipped with plasma bombs - devastating freefall weapons which can be deployed from its tail proboscis. It can also be upgraded to carry a small arc caster, allowing it to assist in the decimation of enemy fliers around the Dropzone. The Harbinger is employed primarily to deploy Stalker and Ravager walkers, although it has been seen delivering other horrors direct to the thickest of the fighting...

Post Human Republic

10) PHR Helios Jetskimmer
The Helios is a high speed attack unit, designed primarily to hunt down enemy aircraft. While somewhat less manoeuvrable than the true skimmers employed by the Shaltari and the Scourge, it can still use its speed to great effect in battle. It is armed only with the RXs-5 'Galaxy' multi-rocket launcher. For what this weapon lacks in power, it more than makes up for in terrific rate of fire, where the sheer quantity of shape charge munitions can even pose a threat to enemy armour.

11) PHR Angelos Jetskimmer
The Angelos is a multi-role fast strike vehicle. It is armed with a single RXs-120 smoothbore heavy cannon (the same weapon employed by the Enyo). Coupled with the Angelos' speed and advanced targeting systems, this can be used in both the anti-structure and anti-armour roles. The Angelos also features a limited transport capacity, allowing it to drop small strike teams of infantry if required.

12) PHR Mercury Scout Drone
The Mercury is an unusual battlefield unit, in that it is totally unarmed. Instead, it carries a highly advanced full spectrum sensor package. This is sufficiently advanced to scan structures to assist ground troops in objective and intel searches as well as normal scout functions. The Mercury is normally carried into battle by the Triton Strike Dropship, which can also be armed with a pair of heavy anti-armour missiles designed to work in tandem with the Mercury's sensor package. This transforms the Triton into a capable anti-armour gunship once it has delivered its pair of Drones to the frontline.

Scenario Pack

BONUS PREVIEW: Orbital Defence Laser
This is the largest miniature that we have developed so far (by quite a large margin!) It is a massive directed energy weapon normally employed to engage enemy spacecraft and dropship armadas from very long range. It is unwieldy as a tactical, battlefield weapon due to its slow speed of traverse and constrained mount. It is an almost ancient design by UCM standards, and has been in service since before the Scourge invasion. As such, it is a common sight on both Cradle World and UCM military instillations.

This will be the centrepiece of our upcoming line of Scenario Packs!
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