Kill Team has always been hailed as a ton of fun, and today it was released in digital format by Games Workshop. So of course I had to take a look at it, and its odd, but Kill Team games have always eluded me over the years. So What's in it?

Kill Team is a small game set at 200pts where each model is independent of its unit. You start off by picking your units by following a special Kill Team Foc. 0-2 Troops, 0-1 Elites, and 0-1 Fast Attack. There are of course restrictions to what can be fielded, like no flyers or units with a 2+ Armour save.

A Leader is then chosen, along with 3 specialists. Your leader rolls for his random trait, much like a warlord trait, but its your specialists where it gets interesting. You get to select your powers from 5 different categories for each specialists.

Once done, you roll for your mission and hit the tables. There are 6 missions in the book.

I can definitely see where Kill Team is an excellent game to play. Its a 40k skirmish game, that has all the flavor of the 40k genre. From the first look at this release, I would say that while not necessary, its definitely worth picking up for some games. It wont take me long to start getting in a few games.

Kill Team
Interactive Version is 31 pages
The rules are easily read in 10 pages. The rest of the book is missions.
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