A new edition coming in 2014 is quite literally a hard thing to swallow, and yet the rumor is here. The rumor comes from credible source, and is very logical if taken in certain context.

This article is written taking the new rumors of a new edition for 40k coming. If you missed this bombshell of rumors, they can be found by following the link.

These are my thoughts, and not rumors. An editorial assuming a new 7th edition is coming.
As of right now, according to sources, new rules are in playtesting, and probably have been for about two months. Seeing how playtesting normally runs for around 6 months, this is very likely why our sources have said a summer release is unlikely and that September is looking better.

Before everyone goes into a rage that this may be happening, dont forget, that you demanded this. You demanded that rules in the new supplements be codified into the rulebook before being accepted. The community has looked for every opportunity to make escalation and stronghold assault to not be a part of standard or regular 40k when it clearly already is. In the same context we have declared that dataslates are not to be a part of it either. The community is extremely divided right now.

We also do not know what form these rules will take. They are being called 7th edition in development, simply as a means to identify updated rules. It could be that these rules will be released as an update, an updated rulebook, or literally called 7th edition. Regardless of what form these take upon release, no one is expecting or rumors saying, that we will be seeing an entirely new edition like we have seen in past editions.

The idea of a new and completely new edition, like we have seen in the past is an awful idea. I dont think that is what we will see, and I think its quite obvious what will occur. After all a new edition takes a lot of time and work to create, not something that can just be put together, and I believe previous rumors that the current edition of 40k is here to stay. 

A new rulebook for 6th edition is a much better use of terminology of what I think will occur. Updating the rules with all the new releases we have been seeing. Escalation and Stronghold Assault will be added in, as well as a "written in the rulebook" means for GW to add to the rulebook in the future if they so desire to. Making future additions much less dramatic and divisive on what is really in the standard 40k rulebook.

This would bring us the wording that we would need in the rulebook, and because it will not change any rules, just be adding, could be published at any given point in the year without disrupting other releases. 

I fully expect minimal change to the rulebook, with a few new sections added to bring Escalation, Stronghold Assault, Dataslates, and more into the game. They may update the battlefield terrain rules to bring those from stronghold assault into it, but I expect few changes. I do think we would see a new sentence or paragraph that would allow for GW to add new rules into the regular game as well for the future.

Would Forgeworld be included?
I think this is part of it as well. We have had rumors of a new GW website coming, and that Forgeworld is going to be a part of that. We have had rumors of GW taking over some production of Forgeworld models, and that finecast going away will open up some of that production capacity. Forgeworld 40k stamps are already re-worded to allow into regular games (as they have been for awhile, but we have been given new clarification).

I think Games Workshop has given in to the fact that we are all a little dense (I am part of this statement), and if the rule is not in the brb to allow new additions to the game, like forgeworld or escalation, then we as a community needs it to be in black and white. This is something we are asking for, and when we get it, there will be complaining that we are getting what we asked for. After all, an FAQ is not enough for too many of us, nor are the statements that this is for regular games. 

Tournaments. I fully expect that we will see something in the beginning of the new rulebook that will declare that you do not have to play with any codex, supplement, dataslate, or expansion that you do not want to. After all the game is between friends agreeing to play the game. I think tournaments will not be mentioned in the book, but the OK to pull out escalation or stronghold assault will be there, and if its not, some tournaments will do so anyways.

A living rulebook. There are those that are thinking we are seeing a living rulebook, Meaning that the rulebook can and will start to be updated with new additions and rules when they occur. This of course means that physical rulebooks will become obsolete rather quickly, and because of that, this idea does not make much sense.

Instead of a continuously updated book, every couple years we could see the rulebook being updated and compiled with new additions and updated rules. This is much more likely.

Do not think that rules are going to be changed much. Its possible for changes, but I expect very little of that if and when this happens.

Right now under so many changes I think our community is disarray on what even constitutes a game of 40k. This would unite the rules in our game under one Basic Rule Book, and hopefully our community as well.

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