Tonight we get to take a look at the two new releases for Warhammer 40k, both Stronghold Assault and Escalation. Both of these are worth taking a closer look at, and our source who apparently has the book, has stepped up to take a closer look at what these contain.

Please remember that these are considered rumors until the official release on Saturday.

If you missed Father Gabe's previous look at both releases, you can see it here.

via Father Gabe from the Faeit 212 inbox.
Concerning Stronghold Assault:
- Updated Fortifications
- Wall of Martyr (and subsequent new releases for fortifications are included.
- Combination Fortifications are expensive, the most expensive combination is 1305pts base.
- There are upgrade tables you can purchase for your fortifications.
- There is a separate section from the rest of the book.  This section contains optional building rules to use with these fortifications.  This separate rule is an optional way to use buildings and both opponents need to agree to their usage.  I want to stress though that this optional rule set is a separate way to use buildings in general, and does not affect Fortifications in the book unless you agree.  So if you want to use the Fortifications in the book, you don't need permission.  If you want to use the optional rules, you do.
- Fortifications: Defense Line, Defense Emplacement, Firestorm Redoubt, Imperial Bunker, Vengeance Battery and Aquila Strongpoint are in the book.  Vengeance/Firestorm already have rules that come in the box but are not in one place. Also BRB fortifications included.
- There are 3-4 Fortifications that have an Inquisitorial stamp over the picture but full rules.
- The combo Fortifications work as follows: Point cost equal to number of fortifications purchased.  Most have a variety of 1-3 of this and that and a few 0 -2 options.

Concerning Escalation:
- Read the book again and it remains the same as I reported the other day.  This book is adding a new force organization slot: Lord of War, to standard games of Warhammer 40,000.  I read one additional rule.
- If your (I think also if both of you) opponent uses a Lord of War choice, besides the other benefits you get (if you don't have a Lord of War) there is a separate Escalation Warlord Trait table for you to use.  I didn't have time to skim the entries, as I was focusing on confirmation on use, benefits, etc.
- Armies can only use their armies Lord of War choice and it is for the Primary detachment.
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