Here are two sets of rules taken from the upcoming White Dwarf for the Warriors of Chaos. There is quite a bit here, but somehow I feel that these sets are a little light on what we normally get gleaned from a White Dwarf release. Perhaps it just because its not 40k.

So please give these a little bit of salt, as these are rules taken from the upcoming White Dwarf, which means errors can still be present.

via wamphyri101 over on Warseer
Advance Orders 26th January for release on the 2nd of Feb

New stuff:
New Book
Magic Cards

Lord Model

Dragon Ogres
Gorebeast Chariot/ Chariot

Mutalith Vortex Beast


Stuff we know from White Dwarf:

Forsaken are a core choice. Forsaken are M6 and D3+1 A. Has it's own D6 chart. One result is ASF.

Chaos Knights now buy enscrolled weapons as an upgrade

WILL OF CHAOS is not listed beneath lords, heroes, knights etc. Only eye of the gods

Mutalith has a bound spell ranged 18’’
Seems it does a toughness test (model/unit?) and there is chances of chaos spawns being produced

Marauders did not seem to have marks

Slaughter beast is a rare choice and is a bound monster. It is bound to your lord and can have the lords WS.

Gorebeast chariot is T6 5W. high Armour save (2+?). It has KB even on Impact hits. Slower than a normal chariot

Dragon Ogres are on 50 x 75mm bases

Two book items are:
chalice of chaos
soul feeder gift

marked casters can choose a different lore or stick with their mark:

Tzeentch: Lore of Metal
Slaanesh: Lore of Shadow
Nurgle: Lore of Death

Sig Spell:
Tzeentch is Blue fire. 24" D6 SD6 MM.

Slaanesh is Lash of slaanesh. 24" straight line form the base in forward arc of the caster. Every model under the line receives S3 AP hit.

Nurgle Sig spell is a Template. You place breath tempalte at the base of the caster.
All models beneath are forced to test T or suffer 1 W with no AS.

Nurgle Attribute is that on a succsessful cast roll a D6. On roll of 6 the casters T an W are both increased by 1 to the end of the game.

Slaanesh Attribute is for every wound caused by a spell, roll a D6. if a 6 is rolled the caster recieves +1ws/+1A/+1I

Tzeentch Attribute is for every 6 rolled on a successful cast, that caster recieves an additional PD. But only that caster can use the additional dice.
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