It seems that there is a lot going on in the Portland area. First off, we are getting a new GW store out on 82nd ave here february 2nd, but I have just heard a rumor regarding Greshams game store, Nexus Games.

It seems that Comic Collectibles might be buying them out and taking over there. If so, that would take Chris, who is currently at comic collectibles (and is from Knightfall games) out there a lot, and would really be a nice push for 40k in the Portland area.

Nexus has a huge gaming area, so I hope this rumor rings true. They have lots of space for terrain and gaming, so I would not be surprised to see large 40k tournaments ran out there monthly. Not to mention that Chris is great at sticking to the rules of the game (no warlord trait shenanigans etc).

So if this happens, I have only one request for Mike (owner of comic collectibles) and Chris...... dont forget the westside when looking to expand next time.

Could not get a good pic of the store front. Anyone have one?
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