Along side the Dark Angels releases that went up for pre-order this weekend, there were 4 The Hobbit Strategy Game releases that are coming along side it. Great Eagles, Gwaihir, Riddles in the Dark, and Fell Wargs are the kits being released, and above is a video from Games Workshop to show them off.

These models are set for a release this coming weekend.

via White Dwarf Dailey,
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Strategy Battle Game

First up are the Great Eagles - two wonderfully dynamic plastic miniatures that look as though they could swoop right off the table-top and rip you to shreds with their beaks and claws. Their most notable feature is their incredible eight-inch wingspan, giving them a real presence on the battlefield. I painted one for the Paint Splatter article in January's White Dwarf and they are a real joy to paint. There's also a new miniature of Gwaihir available who, if anything, is even larger than the other Great Eagles. Together they would make a formidable foe for the forces of evil...

...Who also get reinforcements in the form of Fell Wargs. These sinister, slinking creatures are more than capable of sniffing out their prey - there's no hiding from their keen eyes, sharp sense of smell and feral intellect. If you've seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey then you'll know just how accurately the miniatures designers have captured the dynamism of these ferocious creatures.

The last set of miniatures features Bilbo Baggins and Gollum as they meet for the first time in the depths of the Misty Mountains. Considering the small size of these two miniatures, the level of detail on them is incredible. The likeness of Gollum is perfectly captured in miniature form, as is his aggressive, hunched-over stance. Meanwhile, Bilbo carries Sting, uncertain how to wield his new weapon against his first real enemy. The interaction between these two miniatures is fantastic, made only better by the addition of Gollum's coracle to the set.
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