Some Daemon information is coming through, and we can expect some more coming very soon. Yesterday early, I had posted up a compilation put together by zion over on Heresy Online, and we have had a few responses to it in the comment sections that are worth mentioning.

Two quick things:
1. I still believe in a White Dwarf update, and the comments here just add to that. So don't expect a codex.
2. Stickmonkey is the source for this post, derogatory comments will be deleted. Disagreeing is fine, but we do not jump on board the Witch Hunt here on this site (I do not like deleting comments, and there was a surge in comments vs Stickmonkey yesterday)

So for clarity, and for those readers that do not venture into the comment sections, here is what was posted up.

via Stickmonkey (I am assuming), from yesterday's posts.

StickMonkey here. Almost all those rumors came from me, but i want to clarify a few items as it looks like some of my info is now being reverbed through the internet.

Most of my info comes from playtest and/or design notes. As Harry(warseer) and I have discussed I have discussed this makes it very difficult to get dates accurate. So I rely on other rumor mongers further into the production cycle to get timing better.

I see that there is a lot above that was early info so let me share some things that are looking less than likely, as Bigred at BoLS already has some new info from me and I wont steal his thunder.

No fw chaos beast. Not sure who built that up, but no.

No csm daemon engines.

Highly unlikely all 4 GD will be released next month.

Not expecting a codex or army book next month. I hope i am wrong as I do play daemons and would like one myself.

Not expecting more that 1 chariot size release next month.

Not expecting more than 2 smaller plastic kits next month

Not expecting more than 4 finecast kits next month.

When I say next month i mean the Daemon Month. Based on Hastings, we all believe it is next month. If Hastings is wrong we we all be wrong. Like I've said, my info does not come with reliable dates attached.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

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