Mark Wells has been the CEO of Games Workshop for 5 years, and he has decided to step down. I will leave the rest of it to the news bit below. A huge thanks to the secret squirrel for drawing our attention to this latest bit of news.

via secret squirrel

Games Workshop Group announces a change in Senior Management

For the past five years Games Workshop has had the best CEO it has ever had.  Under Mark Wells’ leadership we have become better organised, clearer thinking and commercially more robust.

The needs of the business over the last few years has meant there has been a gradual overlapping of the roles of Chairman and CEO.  Recently this has become so complete that, after discussions together, Mark and Tom have agreed that the CEO’s role, as it stands, is redundant.

Tom will incorporate the role of Acting CEO into his position as Chairman and, whilst it will undoubtedly come as something of a surprise, Mark has decided to leave the business.

Mark is looking forward to planning his next challenge and he does so with our support, best wishes and heartfelt thanks.

These changes take immediate effect.
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