This little rumor set has much of what was given to us in other rumors this week, with just a little bit more. So Check it out, as we are still expecting a white dwarf Daemon excursion next month.

Please remember that these are rumors

via tsetse fly over on Bols

Incoming Chaos Daemon Wave:

It is believed to be a Q1 release.  There is conflicting chatter as to whether the Codex is coming as well, or whether it is a miniatures-only wave with White Dwarf rules like we say in Q4-12.

Great Unclean One,
New Nurgle "jetbikes" - Described as GIANT FLIES with Plaguebearer Riders!!!
Khornate Chariot with dual-build options.
-Option 1: Transport (holds a big squad of daemons, opened top)
-Option 2: Cannon Variant (autocannon equivalent blast template, medium range)

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