More rumors and inside sources are chiming in that it is indeed a full Chaos Daemons release coming, Hardback codex and all. This is excellent news, and a first that I can recall of 40k getting two codices released in successive months. Wow.

Talking about a fast and furious release schedule for Games Workshop. If this all comes to fruition, I just want to say thank you GW. If release schedules like this continue, we really could see a 4 codex release year for 2013. Exciting indeed.

Also of note, flyers are mentioned for a March release.

via an anonymous source
Here is the latest rumor bits

The next white dwarf previews the new daemons.
The previously white dwarf released units are changing slightly (some get better, some worse).
The following white dwarf previews flyers.
So feb daemons,
March flyers.

Oh p.s. No new god. No hybrid GDs. Expanded fluff on malice.

it's two separate books. Not one book that has rules for both like the white dwarf updates.
it's a hard cover full release not an insert.

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