This bit of info comes from a weekly newsletter from Games Workshop. While there is not much that is interesting for us, and a lot that is internal stuff that we don't need to post, there are some interesting bits to check out.

This comes to us via our secret squirrel

Change of formula to our Plastic glues
As you know, we are always seeking ways to improve all of our products all of the time. To improve the quality of our Plastic Glue Thick and Plastic Glue Thin (Polystyrene cement) we have changed the formula.

All Plastic glue arriving in your orders from now on will be the re-formulated glue.

Global Web Promotion
Web exclusive collections for existing range products

On Saturday 12th January Global Web will be introducing a new series of web exclusive collections

So what is it exactly?
• Every month we will release six collections of
themed products that have been put together from
existing ranges of miniatures to allow our customers
to purchase multiple, related products in one
convenient click.
• These collections are put together as exciting
opportunities for our customers to collect more
miniatures. For example, a Space Marine Tactical
Squad and Drop Pod is a simple one-click purchase
that is nicely themed.

What’s the promotion plan?
• When the month’s advance orders move into the new
release section, we will also add the web exclusive
collections. At this point we won’t promote them,
they will just be additional products that in most
cases will be related to the month’s new products. In
January we will be selling Space Marine collections
alongside the Dark Angels new releases.
• The week after new releases go on sale we will
promote the web collections on the front of the web
site, via newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and the blog.
You won’t be able to miss them.

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