The new White Dwarf is here announcing the new Dark Angels publicly for the first time, but without a video showing them off so far. So here is the cover and the announcement without much fanfare. It will be a busy day, and I have lots of fun stuff to check out today.

The pic and the text below via White Dwarf Daily. (this is the segment regarding Dark Angels, for the rest go check out the White Dwarf Daily post)

January's issue of White Dwarf is out tomorrow in all Games Workshop Hobby Centres and all good independent stockists. The front cover features robed warriors in bone-coloured armour emblazoned with symbols of a hooded angel. This can only mean one thing - the Dark Angels have returned seeking vengeance. This issue features all the new Dark Angels models and kits that are coming out, plus painting guides, interviews with the Studio team that worked on them and a battle report where Adam brings the full might of the Unforgiven crashing down upon Jes' Black Legion Chaos Space Marines, who are harbouring one of the Fallen.

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