There is a lot more information here about what is in the Dark Angels codex, and I have even more coming from the Faeit 212 inbox. So say tuned, there is a lot to check.

Once again I apologize if I am duplicating info, there is just too much of it to organize up with the codex being out in 2 days.

via Chizel on Warseer
 is the only way to unlock Termies or Bikes troops to get the special characters or can basic HQ with the right war gear unlock them as well?

Also, what are the largest sizes for the command squads? 5 for termies and 3 for bikes?

Specials unlock them as troops. normal hq unlock them as command squads

Mindworm is d3 s4 ap2 focused witchfire and -3ws/bs/i per wound taken

What are the max number of terminators and bikes you can have in squads?
10 for each unless command which are locked at 5/3

I guess you had to expect that for a tripple plasma cannon battery. is it's twin linked or not.

Its not a triple cannon but a heavy 3 plasma gun. no blast. the charge shot is a heavy 1 large blast though

Talons r18 twin linked rapid fire plasmas. the grenade launchers are evil. knights can take one every 3 bikes. rad grenades are s3 ap- but units hit are -1t fir the turn. stasis grenades no damage but -1ws&i for the turn.

deathwing assault means you decide in secret which units come in turn one or turn two. no need to roll for reserves and its not just half your dwing but any amount

special piece of wargear called a porteract. if the character kills an enemy chara ter in melee yoh army can now use the enemies locator and teleport beacons

Is there a generic Captain/Master/called whatever with option for SM Bike or Terminator armour?
Bikes and t armor are in as equipment for the normal masters.
No extra powers other than mindworm (missed out it also lowers ld as well as the other three stats) and its r12
No stern or vangaurd.

Belial has precise shot on a 5+. Him and his squad of all inner circle do not scatter. his sword is is ap3 fleshbane

Tac squads&vets get grim resolve=stubborn.
Perfid relic= adamantium will + fear

 Do DW knights get their 3+ invul and T5 (from being base to base) in the turn they deep streak?
Lastly, does the stasis bomb effect vehicles?
yes t5 as they have to be in b2b when deepstriking and stasis says it effects any unit so im guessing walkers would be counted as well

chapter standard is all units within 12 get to reroll all morale and pinning checks and +1a to his unit
then the lesser ones have those rules split up.
ravenwing lets them autopass hit and run and roll an extra d6 for distance.
Company standard is 12" rerollorale & pinning.
Deathwing one is 6" +1a to all inner circle.

Then theres the daddy standards. one per army.
All have the 12" morale pinning rule then either;
All units in 12 get counter attack or
all in 12 get fnp or
all boltguns in 6 get salvo 2/4
Edit salvo effect is only within 6"

"All friendly Codex: Dark Angels units within 6" treat their boltguns as Salvo 2/4 weapons"
Thats amazing. Ravenwing bikes... Tactical squads... Hurricane Bolters! ()
yeah we were just talking about having the command squad flanked by two full tac squads, 100 bolter shots a turn thank you very much

do Company Masters affect the FOC by taking TDA or a Bike? Do they just unlock a command squad from the respectively taken wargear?
only the grand master special characters effect the foc

the dark shroud may only be hp 2 but it does have jink, stealth and shrouded so could survive a while.,

via Lion El Jason on Warseer

Conversion fields are 4+ Inv. At the end of any phase where a save was made nearby units test for blind.
Displacer 3++, at the end of the phase scatter D6"
Power fields give models within 3" a 4++

Monster slayer is a power weapon, roll D6: 2-4 +1STR, 5-6 +2STR and Instant Death.

There is a combi plasma with Assault1 Blast plasma part and an assault 3, AP4 storm Bolter there too.
I like the Mace of Redemption. Str+3, AP3, Blind, concussive, AP2 vs C:CSM.
There is also an item for FnP and shrouded.

Flakk is 10 points on tac, scout, veteran and dev Missile Launchers. You do not lose frag & Krak.
No flakk for CMLs.

Stasis Anomaly". RW Grenade launcher gives -1 WS and Init to a UNIT hit.

Are there limits to the LS variants you can take with an attack squadron?

Can you take a "support squadron" of landspeeders and are there limitations on variants?
No, 1-5 LS and any can be upgraded to typhoon or tornado. New tornado options too, double multimelta now available.

Blade of Caliban for champ. Nerfed power axe.
Sgt can upgrade to "Power Weapon" so can be a sword.
Thats all.

No options for HQ bikes that I have found. Techmarines CAN have bikes though.

All HQs can have bikes except company masters and named characters.
There are no additional options for the bikes to make them plasma talons or anything.

Fleshbane! AP3
Master Crafted, WS6 and Fleshbane means the SoS is a real option now. He has a special rule for shooting too (Though only a storm bolter) so you kind of waste that with the TLC and TH&SS options.

We know Ravensword is AP2

Asmodai has Blades of reason again!
Str as user, AP- Instant death, Specialist weapon.

Azrael got FnP (6+)! hehe.
His plasma gun also has Blind USR.

All Landspeeders have Deep Strike too.

RW Attack Squadron is almost identical to last codex. More Tornado options, can have typhoon, Pay for the MM upgrade on AB, The Squad with 2x Melts, AB with MultiMelta and Sgt with combi-melta is possible at 165points.
Has Hit & Run and Sgts and Vet Sgts can take combi weapons and things like Lightning claw, TH and stuff.

The RW banner means you auto win the init roll to hit & run too.

Regarding Techmarines:
*How many servitors are allowed?
*What is the cap on servitor heavy weapons? Is it two max same as Codex Space Marines?
*Can DA Techmarines fortify terrain?
*Are there any traits or wargear items that distinguish them from Techmarines in other Chapters?
Grim Resolve, all Special Issue Wargear allowed (Except Jump Pack).

 Originally Posted by bobafett012
does belial come with warlord trait of his own or do you roll on the DA or rule book table?
Belial (And Asmodai and Ezekiel) has "The Hunt" which is about the worst warlord trait I've seen. Its a small chance of +1 VP.
Sammael has rapid manoeuvres and Azrael can choose from the DA table.

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