Look what was dropped into the inbox this morning. A copy of the "January new products launch brief". So pics aside, here are the details of what is being released and goes up for pre-order tomorrow. If you have not read one of these in the past, its an interesting read. Also of note is that there are some bundles not available in the US.

To break the code: anything with direct is online only and anything with splash means it'll be in store for a time period/until it sells out

These come to us via Secret Squirrel. 

ON SALE SATURDAY 12th January 2013
Features of the release

Dark Angels
Key features of the new Dark Angels releases
•Dark Angels are Space Marines, the most popular miniatures for Games Workshop collectors
•The Dark Angels are featured in the Dark Vengeance Boxed set and these releases will be eagerly
anticipated by the 1000’s of collectors who have already purchased this box set
•The launch products include a new codex, four plastic boxed sets and 2 Citadel Finecast clampacks
•Each plastic boxed set makes a variety of kits (see below)
•The Dark Angels Battleforce and Sammael mounted on Corvex have been repackaged
•A great opportunity to re-promote all the existing Dark Angels Space Marine miniatures and to sell essential
paints for painting Dark Angels (see below)
•Generals of other 40K armies, especially Chaos Space Marines, will have to alter their tactics and collect new miniatures to be able to stand toe-to-toe with these new units

January White Dwarf
Key features of the new January edition of White Dwarf
•Shows all the new Dark Angels and The Hobbit miniatures in all their glory
•A review of all the other fantastic products released in January
•A Dark Angels vs. Chaos Space Marines battle report
•Painting guides for Dark Angels, Tyranids, Great Eagle feathers and Fell Warg fur
•Golden Demon 2012 pt.1 – a 16 page extravaganza showing a selection of winners from Germany, USA,
Spain and Australia
•All these products are available to order on Advance Order from 5th January 2013.
The cut off for ordering to a Hobby Centre, the ONLY way to guarantee
delivery on the 12th January, is Sunday 6th January

Ravenwing Dark Talon/Nephilim Jetfighter
•This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Ravenwing Dark Talon OR Nephilim Jetfighter
•The Dark Talon and the Nephilim Jetfighter are flyers and each is a Fast Attack choice in the army
•Both models are festooned with amazing details
•The Ravenwing Dark Talon is armed with two hurricane bolters, and new ancient weaponry – the Rift cannon and a Stasis bomb, all designed to destroy infantry and reduce infantry effectiveness

Ravenwing Dark Talon/Nephilim Jetfighter
•The Nephilim Jetfighter is armed with twin-linked heavy bolters, twin-linked lascannons that can be replaced with an Avenger mega bolter and 6 blacksword missiles
•The Nephilim Jetfighter is designed to take down other flyers and light ground vehicles

Land Speeder Vengeance/Ravenwing Darkshroud
•This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Land Speeder Vengeance OR Ravenwing Darkshroud
•The Land Speeder Vengeance is a Heavy Support choice and the Ravenwing Darkshroud is a Fast Attack choice in the army
•Both these Land Speeders are much bigger than a standard Land Speeder and are covered in amazing Dark Angels details
•The Land Speeder Vengeance is armed with a special relic plasma weapon (the plasma storm battery), designed to destroy heavily armed troops and vehicles

Land Speeder Vengeance/Ravenwing Darkshroud
•The Ravenwing Darkshroud has a piece of arcane architecture chained to it which projects a shrouding
effect designed to protect nearby troops
•The Icon of Old Caliban atop the Darkshroud inspires nearby Dark Angels to great acts of valour

Deathwing Command Squad/Deathwing Knights
•This box contains a multipart Deathwing Command Squad/ Deathwing Knights plastic kit that makes one of three different kits; a Deathwing Command Squad, a Deathwing squad or a brand new squad the Deathwing Knights
•All of these squad wear Terminator armour, a very popular choice for Games Workshop collectors
•The Deathwing Command squad is a HQ choice and can be assembled to make a Company Master in
Terminator armour, a Terminator Standard bearer, a Terminator Champion, a Terminator Apothecary and a heavy weapon Terminator (4 Heavy Weapons are included in the kit) or a standard Deathwing Terminator with a wide variety of weapons
•The Kit can also be made into a standard Deathwing Terminator unit and is an Elite choice and has lots of options on the sprue Deathwing Command Squad/ Deathwing Knights
•The Deathwing Knights are a new elite unit of Terminators clad in baroque Terminator armour and cloaks
•They each hold a storm shield that the squad can lock together to make them even tougher
•They are an elite choice in the army
•They Deathwing Knights are armed with a Mace of Absolution and the Knight Master is armed with a Flail of the Unforgiven, all designed specifically to destroy Chaos Space Marines (and the Fallen)
•The kit also includes a Watcher in the Dark model holding a perfidious relic

Ravenwing Command Squad/Ravenwing Black Knights 
•This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either 3 Ravenwing Command models OR 3 Ravenwing Knights, a new choice for Dark Angels. Both squads have a host of details on both the bikes and the Space Marines.
•The Ravenwing Command Squad is a HQ choice and allows you to build an Apothecary, Champion and Standard bearer. These bikes replace their bolters with a Plasma Talon and the riders are armed with Corvus Hammers which can crack open even the toughest of armour.
•The elite riders of the Black Knights can form a separate Fast Attack choice
•The kit has lots of additional components on the sprue -eight different heads, 4 different bolt pistols, 3 swords including the Sword of Caliban, 4 Corvus Hammers, a power mace and a plethora of stowage options

New Dark Angels Citadel Finecast Miniatures:
ON SALE SATURDAY 12th January 2013
Belial (Splash)
•A clampack set that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature, a HQ choice in the codex
•Grandmaster of the Deathwing, clad in Terminator armour with special rules including the ability to take Deathwing Terminators as troops

Asmodai (Splash)
•A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature, a HQ choice in the codex with special wargear and rules
•Armed with the Chapter Relic – the Blades of Reason

Dark Angels Banner Bearer (Direct only)
•A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature, an option for an HQ choice in the Codex with special wargear and rules
•Holds a huge embossed Chapter Banner

Codex: Dark Angels
The second hardback, full colour codex for Warhammer 40,000!
•106p with a gatefold summary section
•The Dark Angels: Their origins, the fall of their homeworld, the secrets of their dark heritage and their many battles for redemption
•The Unforgiven: All the characters, units and vehicles available to the Dark Angels including lots of new units including the Land Speeder Vengeance, Ravenwing Black Knights, Ravenwing Dark Talon, Deathwing Knights and many more!
•Armoury of the Rock: Full rules for the weapons, armour and equipment used by the Dark Angels and their successor Chapters
•Sons of the Lion: A stunning Citadel miniature showcase certain to inspire collectors
•Angels of Death: An army list that helps collectors prepare a force ready for battle.

Limited Edition Codex: Dark Angels
All the contents from the standard Codex: Dark Angels plus
•Limited to 2000 copies worldwide
•Includes an individually numbered certificate
•Special cover, slip case and black edged pages
•English language only
•Direct Only
•One per customer
•No staff discount

Dark Angels online bundles (Direct only)
Dark Angels: 1 click new release bundle
Deathwing Assault
•A ‘one click’ new release bundle that adds a Codex, Ravenwing Dark Talon, Land Speeder Vengeance, Deathwing Command Squad and Ravenwing Command Squad to a customers cart
•Perfect for those customers who want one of everything new!
•Ideal for customers who want to start a Deathwing collection
•Belial’s special rule allows gamers to take Deathwing as Troops
•Collectors can make each of the three squad options in the Deathwing Command box
•A Bundle that gives the customer all the new Ravenwing kits allowing them to make all the variants available and Sammuel on Corvex
•ONLY available in Europe and Australia

Hunt for the Fallen
Ravenwing Attack Squadron
•Every new Ravenwing model, and in multiples allowing you to make every variant... and a battle force!
•This is THE collection for any self respecting fan of the Ravenwing
•ONLY available in NAS

Other great Dark Angel products and ‘add-on’ sales
Dark Angels Chapter upgrade frame
There are several great Direct only products available to Dark Angels collectors – here is a selection of those available.

Use your terminal to recommend and sell these
great products!

Dark Angels Ravenwing Accessory pack

Dark Angels essential paints 
Dark Angels armour Dark Angels robes
Base – Caliban Green Base – Zandri Dust
Wash – Nuln Oil Wash – Nuln Oil
Layer – Caliban Green Layer – Ushabti Bone
Layer – Warpstone Glow Layer – Screaming Skull

Dark Angels Deathwing armour (over Skull White undercoat)
Base – Ushabti Bone
Wash – Seraphim Sepia
Layer – Ushabti Bone
Layer – Screaming Skull

Dark Angels Ravenwing armour
Base – Abaddon Black
Layer – Dawnstone
Layer – Administratum Grey

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