Dark Angels are now less than two days away for most of you, so the information has been coming out rather rapidly. So this morning here is just a little bit more for that just can't wait another couple hours to get the book in hand.

via a reader that wants to remain anonymous
I got a look at the codex from my FLGS here.
The highlight of the codex for me is flakk missiles on every missile launcher (except Cyclones).

Also, point cost reduction on tactical marines, 5 for 70, can take 1 special or 1 heavy from 5-9, 10 get both. +14/model after that.

So for the princely sum of 130 pts I can get a rhino, 5 guys with a flakk missile launcher.

Multi tiered sergeants. A L8 one, and a L9 one for most squads.

Scouts back as troops, can take flakk missile.

via Unforgiven
Some rules from the new DA codex for those who cant wait patiently until saturday, no added salt required.

Deathwing Assault - Select which units you wish to use DW Assault. ALL of these units may arrive on either turn 1 or turn 2. Note down in secret before hand which turn they will all arrive on. (DW Knights do not have this rule).

By using the DW rule, i believe the wording means that any units placed in reserve in this way do not count towards the 50% limit, but this is speculation on my part.

Inner Circle - any unit with this rule arriving by deep strike does not roll to scatter (as if in range of a teleport homer)

Deathwing Vehicle - grants the preferred enemy (chaos space marines) special rule and allows you to force your opponent to reroll on the vehicle damage chart, (like venerable dreadnoughts.

Sammael has the skilled rider, hit and run and independant special rules as well as the automatic rapid manouvres warlord trait which makes RW attack squads troops.

Nothing in the codex about DW assaulting upon arrival though, so no Heroic Intervention for you guys!!

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