Here is a quick battle report on a game from a couple days ago. The game itself took about 50 minutes, which includes any rules inquiries we had to make during the game.

I really wish I had more painted already, so I spent the day after this painting models. I definitely got the Howler painted up and am working through the rest of the Skarred forces.

As for the battle, the Skarred (which was not me), really had a much easier objective to acquire. After all he had three harpies which have a gliding deployment. (deep strike). So unless I was leaving a good part of my force back, he was going to get into my deployment very easy.

On the Brood side of things, I had chosen the Howler as the Glory Hog. So the howler had to kill its point value in enemy models, and then reach the opposite deployment zone. This was hard, since the howler is the most expensive point costed unit on the board. I really wanted to see the Howler face off against the Skarred Abomination, so he took a direct path towards that confrontation from the get go.

The Howler did get to face off against the Abomination. My Grists (shooting unit) had critically hit the abomination doing two damage when the Abomination had moved in to get a shot off with its Ion Cannon. (the grists were doing a hold action to shoot at the Abomination should it come in close). The Howler was amazingly brutal when it charged the into close assault against the damaged Abomination. It was a one sided victory for the howler.

The round after, it was able to use its sonic scream (a spray attack) to kill a buzzblade, and start its lumbering run for the opposite board edge.

In the end, I was not able to kill the Harpies that claimed the Skarred objective of getting forces into my deployment zone, but I also achieved my Glory Hog objective. Thus the game came down to victory points, which I had easily won, with the carnage that the Howler had done.
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