We have been playing 6th edition now for quite sometime, and over-all I love 6th edition and what it is. However, there is one area of the game, that effects us at almost every tabletop meeting, that I think is a little bit of a mistake in the rules. Objective Marker placement.

First off, I had bought the bright green templates and markers back in 5th edition with the sole purpose of having objective markers. These are not really usable now, since an objective marker is said in the rulebook to be counters that are 1-2" in diameter.

Now the rules are very clear on what and where you can set these things. Not within 6" of a table edge or within 12" of another objective.

This is fine. The problem is when these are placed during set up, after you know which side of the board you are going to be on. Unlike in 5th edition when objective markers were placed before you had your board edge, in 6th many games have objectives sitting on each side of the players board.
This is a huge disadvantage when there is an odd number of objective markers, and you did not win the first dice off.

Now while I dislike this method of placing objectives (in 5th edition there was an artform to it), it does change the way you should be contructing your army lists.

In 6th edition you need to be able to reach the opposite side of the board edge in order to claim or contest an opponents objectives. Of course you can always just blow the crap out of him, so nothing is left, but lets assume that you are playing a good 6th edition 40k player, and he or she has lots of troop units that can claim in the backfield. (so it would be rare to completely take his backfield)

So what 6th edition has done, is really change how armies are constructed. In 5th edition some mobility was required, now in 6th, you really have to be able to make a spearhead into your opponents backfield, while maintaining your own. Of course you could just be trying to win the game based on secondary objectives.

I am sure I have left out a lot on this topic, as it is just something I have been working on in my lists now for months. (and I fully take advantage of this in my current lists). Objective games are 5 out of 6 mission types. Lots of troop units are needed, and in general I am fielding 16 separate troop units that can claim objectives at 2000-2500pts. Below that point level I am shooting for 6-10. (yea platoons).
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