There has been some conversations of late about whether or not a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy will arrive next year. We have been seeing new editions every other year for quite awhile, I personally have not received much on whether or not 8th edition is meant to last any longer than we have seen previous editions last. (unlike 40k).

So will we see a new edition next year? Check out the rumor below.

Please remember that this is a rumor, and one that is a long way out at that. However it does come from Harry (great wealth of information, and good character)

via Harry on Warseer
I have also said that the new edition is in 2014....

Harry has also said that the models are not yet into production for a new starter set. Harry was answering this post from Darnok.

By now even the next 40K starter armies will be beyond the planning stage, and a good bit into production. For the next WHF starter the sculpting should be done by now.

Not yet. 
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