Most of us were caught surprised that Warriors of Chaos were released. We probably should not have been, but the rumor mill was behind the game on the release when it came to the release of the army book. On this end, I tend to receive a lot less info regarding fantasy than 40k.

One of my most accurate sources sent me this email. We have had this confusion before, regarding pre-release dates are in the calendar month ahead of the release with Hastings and again with other rumor sources. Both White Dwarf and pre-releases are on the calendar month ahead of their release or issued month,

The next White Dwarf will contain Daemons, as many other rumor sources as well are pointing to. The following White Dwarf which would already be being worked on, is flyers. I would imagine since its being worked on, that is how we started receiving rumors of the release.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via anonymous
Nothing was wrong with the dates I provided, I guess I just wasn't clear.
Febuary WD is daemons, march WD is flyers.
At least, in so far as the white dwarf released in feb, etc.
The white dwarf released in december had DAngels for instance.

It's back to back releases with a heavier focus on 40k for the next year to two years to get all the army books up to date.  Then expect new units in white dwarf releases and army updates to spot fill anything that needs a boost here or there.  Then it will be  a primary focus on expansions and supplements as opposed to just a revolving door of codexes.

6th edition is here to stay.
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