There are quite a few new advanced orders up today on the Games Workshop site. These include upgrade packs like, sternguard veteran weapons, storm guardians upgrade packs, shining spear upgrade packs, and more. Also are several new kits, including wraithguard and more.

Here is the link.....

Note that this list is what we had on August 20th. I just removed releases that are already past. I checked some of the list against the GW site, but not all of it, so I am assuming most of its correct. The couple things I did not see, are finecast plasma guns, melta guns, thunder hammers, and a few other weapon upgrades. Perhaps more to come?

Product NameRelease DateUSD
Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Weapons15-Sep-12$13.50
Bretonnian Trebuchet15-Sep-12$56.00
Bretonnian Grail Knights15-Sep-12$74.25
Bretonnian Damsel with Sword15-Sep-12$26.75
Bretonnian Questing Knights15-Sep-12$74.25
Bretonnian Damsel with Staff15-Sep-12$26.75
The Fay Enchantress15-Sep-12$40.00
Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer15-Sep-12$22.25
Bretonnian Grail Reliquae15-Sep-12$49.50
Bretonnian Lord with Lance15-Sep-12$26.75
Eldar Wraithguard15-Sep-12$59.00
Eldar Storm Guardians Upgrade Pack15-Sep-12$18.00
Eldar Shining Spear Upgrade Pack15-Sep-12$16.50
Prince Yriel15-Sep-12$19.25
Eldar Farseer with Singing Spear15-Sep-12$19.25
Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra15-Sep-12$22.25
Phoenix Lord Karandras15-Sep-12$22.25
Eldar Shrieker Jetbike Upgrade Pack15-Sep-12$8.25
Eldar Autarch with Fusion Gun15-Sep-12$19.25
Phoenix Lord Asurmen15-Sep-12$22.25
The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host15-Sep-12$22.25
Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest15-Sep-12$19.25
Mephiston, Lord of Death15-Sep-12$19.25
Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost15-Sep-12$19.25
Chapter Master Gabriel Seth15-Sep-12$19.25
Brother Corbulo15-Sep-12$19.25
Blood Angels Shoulder Pads15-Sep-12$10.00
Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pads15-Sep-12$10.00
Captain Tycho15-Sep-12$19.25
Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran15-Sep-12$19.25
Chaplain Grimaldus & Retinue15-Sep-12$45.00
Plasma Guns15-Sep-12$10.00
Lightning Claws15-Sep-12$19.75
Armour Through the Ages15-Sep-12$33.00
Ragnar Blackmane's Shoulder Pads15-Sep-12$10.00
Thunder Hammers15-Sep-12$19.75
Haldir with Bow15-Sep-12$16.50
Hobbits of the Shire15-Sep-12$19.75
Saruman the White15-Sep-12$16.50
Galadriel Protectress of Lothlorien15-Sep-12$16.50
Kings of Men15-Sep-12$29.75
Sharky and Worm15-Sep-12$29.75
Corsair Bo'Sun and Captain15-Sep-12$24.75
Mounted Ringwraith 115-Sep-12$24.75
Mounted Ringwraith 215-Sep-12$24.75
Mounted Ringwraith 315-Sep-12$24.75
Haradrim Hasharin15-Sep-12$16.50
The Three Hunters15-Sep-12$36.25
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