I suppose it has come down to this, so I've decided to hit he comment section harder. It rather sucks this is what I have to do, but I grow rather tired of people using other commenters as their punching bags, or hijacking comment sections.

So this is the basic rule sets around here, as the comment section is starting to look like a specific forum I have to check routinely anyhow. No reason for me to have to read that crap there, and here.

New basic rules
1. Stay on topic. that includes the topic of the post, or something related to our hobby
2. If its something else you are trying to make me or readers aware of (pointing out the latest news somewhere) that is OK, as sometimes readers help us find things Id miss otherwise.

Things not to do, or I mark you as spam. That even catches anonymous posters. Worse case I can figure you out. So yes, I know who at least one of our trolls are, and I wish you would stay on the forum you like so much which you discredit greatly. (And yes, I grew up in the mill town you live in)
1. No using someone else, a commenter or a source as a punching bag. Please get psychiatric help.
2. No firsts
3. Do not make things personal. I don't know you, and you don't know the person you are bitching about.

Please do me a favor, if you are going to make a good argument, even negative, please do not start it off with something like the word failcast or some other reason I have delete the rest of your good discussion. I dislike the idea of having to remove good discussion comments when someone starts off with crap. If you have to post something I am going to have to delete, do not follow it up with anything you really did put some thought into.

Last thing. I did not start this blog because of lack of friends, I started it because I love this game, and the hobby. It has made the hobby grow for myself, into much more than it ever was before.

No more drama.

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