I wonder what it could be...... a pre-release scheduled for September 22nd!!. This comes from GW Basingstroke's Facebook page. Of course our astute readers here on the site are on it, and noticed this announcement.

Lokken is our astute reader in this case, a huge thanks for catching this one.

via Games Workshop: Basingstoke
White Dwarf is changing! If you've not seen on the website already after 20 years or more everyone's favourite hobby magazine is getting a major overhaul. Bigger, better and full of more battle reports and hobby articles than ever. 

First issue will be available on Saturday 22nd, when there will also be something awesome up for pre-order. 

Come and join us for this momentous occasion, and to find out what amazing things are coming out next month!

Also, don't forget that tomorrow is our Dark Vengeance Squad game called 'Ambush' from 11-2pm. See the Events page for more details..."
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