The White Scars get their first pre-heresy Black Library book, and while I am a day or so behind on showing this video, I figured that there just might be a couple Khan fans that may have not  yet seen it.

Via the Black Library and White Dwarf Daily
the Black Library tell us more about their latest special edition novella Brotherhood of the Storm, which features the White Scars Legion for the very first time in the Horus Heresy series. Like all Black Library special edition books, this one comes complete with lavish cover art, a protective dust jacket, some beautiful full-colour artwork including a profile shot of a 'Bullock' pattern jetbike (if you remember those then you're truly showing your age) and, of course, an action-packed story in which the savage White Scars take on the even more savage Orks. This novella will only be available for one week between 21st and 28th September.
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