We have more pics from the Black Library and these are portraits done for the upcoming limited release, Brotherhood of the Storm, at the end of the month.

via Rhys at the Black Library
It was a great deal of fun working on these portraits for the White Scars. It is not the type of work that I’m often asked to do, and I had a lot of freedom to create something unique.

After a short discussion we decided to go for a mix of early White Scars imagery and ancient cultures, so I looked up references of tribal designs, which were great, especially for the tattoos!

Looking at these references gave me some ideas on what type of personality they may have, and as the world of the Horus Heresy is one of war and brutality, I decided use scarification for some of the portraits. I think this approach worked well and helped giving more of a unique and savage style that would sit well in the very early days of the Warhammer 40,000 universe – and with the nature of the White Scars themselves.

As for the rendering, we aimed for an old oil painting portrait style, which was very enjoyable to paint, and also a very interesting challenge for me, though I would have loved to have taken it even further

As well as six Legionary portraits, Brotherhood of the Storm also features image schematics for the White Scars jetbike and power lance, as well as a full fold-out section of Neil Roberts stunning cover art. Check out that image here.

If you want to make sure that you get a copy of Brotherhood of the Storm, set your reminder now, and we’ll send you an email the day it goes on sale. After that, you’ll have one week to place your order and secure your very own copy.

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